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How To Be A No Limit Soilder

Make you say unnnnnnhhhh! I never understood why Master P named his company No Limit Records... I looked up this song because the mantra "Bitch, get your mind right!" The words telling you they are "no limit soldiers, I thought I told you." Two things: They are claiming no limits to the level of success they could attain...and second, they telling you they spoke that shit into existence.

What are your limits? Why? Don't create any limitations, just start taking steps towards what it is you really, really desire. Be a no limit soldier and speak into existence what it is what you desire. And be sure to speak in present tense. For example:

I am wealthy. I am a successful business owner. I am the most after motivational speaker. I am impacting a billion peoples minds, lives, and bank accounts. I am healing. I am perseverance. I am the person I desire to come.

... And so it is! Affirmations and mirror work are major when it comes to transformations, reprogramming your subconscious mind and laying the mental and emotional groundwork for success. If you are new to the practices, they may feel funny-awkward at first. With the right client (meaning the open, receptive type), I tell them to take mirror work a step further by standing in their best superhero pose while stating affirmations. They don't call it transformations for the hell of it. You will literally feel like you went from being a little yellow car to a super powerful autobot.

I hope you listen to the song and get hype, ignore all the thug talk, unless you feelin gangsta, lol. The moral of the story is get your mind right friends. The next level of success awaits! Be Happy. Be Healthy. Be You!

Mimi the Motivator believes in you!

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