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How Bout Those New Year Resolutions?

Happy 2017 Lovebugs!

Yeah, I know we are well into February, but it is still a new year. I mean this is the first February 2017, I have ever witnessed. But for real, I have been listening to you guys and you seem burned out already. Lighten up...Give yourself a break!

See the problem is, according to the gospel of Mimi, that we out unwarranted stress on ourselves wanting to make some radical overnight changes because the last digits of the date changed. As much as I encourage embracing change and the active pursuit to be the greatest version of ourselves, I do not condone stressing yourself out. The world around you does a fairly decent job of that. So, what I am suggesting is we be extra loving to ourselves, unconditionally.

Are you your worst critic? Yeah? Stop. Let's exercise being our biggest cheerleader. Telling ourselves that everything is okay. Get back up. Keep pushing. I got this! Even if it doesn't look, sound, or feel like it at the moment. Everything always works out for you. Say it with me, "Everything always works out for me!"

Since we are talking about everything working out for us... What other things would you like to work out for you? How will you feel when these things work out for you? Focus on that feeling. Focus on what you will be able to do or fulfill when that thing works out for you. And one last thing I recommend, which is MOST important. Expect everything to work out for you. PLEASE do not concern yourself with the how nor the when. Just trust the laws of the Universe to work like you trust the send button on your phone. You type your message, hit send and expect the message will be delivered. You don't worry about how mobile phones or internet or 4G make it happen, we simply believe what we want to happen will happen. (Unless you didn't pay the bill. lol)

So, go forth smiling because everthing is working out fine. You are doing just fine. And if you need help convincing yourself. YouTube "Abraham Hicks-Everything is Always Working Out For Me" and listen to it for the next few days, 30 days would be better, but no pressure. Until next time my awakened friends. Be Happy, be healthy, be You!

I believe that we will win!

Mimi the Motivator

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