Out With Old, In With the New!

2016 has come to a brutal end for many. If that person is you, do not be dismayed. This season too shall pass...

I recently relocated to Colorado, and can I tell you after spending the last six winters in Florida, I forgot what a REAL winter looks and feels like! I'll be the first to admit I am normally taunting cold America this time of year with my vlogs of me running with usually no more than a sports bra... Not this year, but I am not complaining, I am adapting.

Ironically I have enjoyed the contrasting experience of being here, waaaaaaaaaaaaay out of my element. I have enjoyed, rather proud of myself for getting acclimated to the weather and the different way of living. I was once told that my success lie on the other side of the Mississippi. The person who said it, has yet to be wrong.

Very often the promise of success was always somewhere I was dead set against living. If the temperature drops below 75 degrees, it was a no-go. However, I am here, and I am loving it! I am releasing the people and situations that do not serve my highest good. I am opening myself to be aligned with who and what is for me. The Universe knows what I desire, and is methodically working to make it happen. I am not concerned with the who or the how. I am focused on my WHY.

What is your WHY? What Hurts You??? What difference do you want to make. What situation would you like to make better? Who is in your life that motivates you to be and do your best? Your WHY needs to be bigger than money. Now don't get me wrong, you can have some materialistic motivators, they are just as important. So, don't let go of the aspiration of doing 100 mph down the autobahn in your shiny "ming blue" Aston Martin Vanquish S.

Are you ready for 2017? YES! You are! I advise you to spend some time reviewing 2016. Look at the peak and the pit. Evaluate how you measure up to the goals you set forth at the beginning of this year. Take inventory of what worked and what didn't work, who and what made you feel good, what didn't feel so good. What are the lessons you learned and refuse not to repeat? Identify the energy suckers surrounding you and make an exit plan.

Need help in figuring this out? Schedule a one-on-one session with me today. We will hash through your year and determine a course for the new year. I love you. I believe in you. I believe that we will win!

Be Happy. Be Healthy. Be You!

Mimi the Motivator

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