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Your Vision Needs Focus

As a serial entrepreneur I have see my share of business start ups, breakdowns and everything between. If you are an entrepreneur, first let me congratulate you for the having the courage to believe in yourself. Its easy to get a job where someone else responsible for making the real decisions, taking the risks, providing the goals and roadmap to get there. Yes, a job may provide a sense of security, but if it's security you want then, "We'll put you in a corner, cover you with a sheet, bring you 3 meals a day, look after you, care for you, feed you, protect you, don't let anything happen to you and you'll probably live to be one 100!"

This blog is for the pioneers, the risk takers, those not afraid to step out of the box or jump in the deep end. Being self-employed has it bumps in the road, but definiteness of purpose can pave the way. Having clarity and focus as an entrepreneur is eminent because there is no one there holding your hand, supervising or holding you accountable. It's all up to you.

My focus today is to school you on some simple precepts I learned years ago and I constantly revisit. Every organization needs to understand and clearly articulate these tenets. Below you will find a list of questions to help you gain effective focus. Grab some paper and pen to write down the questions and the answers.

  1. IDEA-What is it you do for your customer? Specifically describe, in detail, what product or service you are providing.

  2. BENEFIT- What's in it for them...that is better than the competition? Your idea should ease or eliminate a pain for the consumer. In other words, what specific need are you fulfilling.

  3. TARGET- Who is your target consumer? How can they be separated from others? Again be specific as possible. How old? Income bracket? Geographical location? Spending habits?

  4. PERCEPTION- How do you want to be perceived? Perception can be some folks reality; be careful of the picture you paint of your self and your organization. Branding

  5. REWARD- What's in it for you? Is it personal fulfillment, God given purpose and talent, to change the life of someone else? Your reward usually fulfills your why. Read my blog, What's Your WHY?

Once you successfully answer these questions with as much specificity as possible, a plan will unfold before you. We'll call it our Mini Business Plan. Focus on following that plan. And your reward will manifest as well. What we desire, desires us. I believe in you. I love you. Be happy, be healthy, be you!

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