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Ready or Not... It's Time to Get Started!

I won't ask you to tell on yourself, but how many people do you know who are waiting to start something new? A new diet? A new career? Start a new business? Make a Youtube video? Sing a song? Write a book? Ooh-ooh what about a new exercise routine?

Ok, so now that we have someone in mind who's been talking about doing this, that and another... Let's talk about what to do next... GET STARTED! Don't wait another day, don't make another excuse. I remember hanging out at Kymatic Studios in St Petersburg, FL last Fall vibing with budding artists Topaz Hooper and aspiring artist. The second young lady was talking about doing videos to accompany her songs, but felt she needed to have this and have that. In response, I introduced them both to my my YouTube Channel, explaining that I too, used to wait.

I wanted perfect lighting, I needed to be wearing makeup, be dressed properly and have a decent backdrop. I wanted to have my speeches written or at least some notes. an outline, Cliff's Notes, something. I wanted to feel prepared! And all those irrelevant concepts had anything to do with my message. Ironically, Miss Hooper asked me "Are you a motivational speaker?" Check please... I wanted to hide my red face and ears because the teacher just learned the lesson. I need to get started on my mission to be the top motivational speaker. The real revelation just happened now, as I type this blog. Where yes I have been posting videos, microblogs and blogs, but no I have not completed my profile on Gigmasters. I had not reached out to anyone about me speaking to their group or company.

Obviously, I have some work to do... How about you? What step can you take to get started? I dare you to find the most minimal step. If it's a passport is what you desire. Go online and fill out the app, that cost zero dollars and maybe $0.30 to print it out at the library. Success is a series of baby steps. Don't wait for permission, don't wait for perfect circumstances, don't wait for the courage. And I promise your fear will be there when you get done, if you still need it. If we keep waiting until we are ready to get started... well, we'll probably keep on waiting.

Today, I am sharing a video that I recorded in the process of moving out of my apartment last year, so the background is horrible. I wasn't wearing makeup, hell I was still wearing my robe! However, I did not allow any of this to stop me. The message was the delivered despite my imagined setbacks.

Now I challenge you to make a move today. Come back and tell me about. Email me, I look forward to hearing from you. Get to work, the time is NOW!



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