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10 Areas of Life You Must Have Goals.

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

  1. Financial: You have to know how much money you want to make and by when you would like to make it. You have to have financial goals so that you can find the money you are looking for. Making goals can also provide opportunities for the money to find you because you have opened that door. The financial opportunities can not find you if they don’t know you are ready for them or desiring them.

  2. Career: Where do you plan on being a year from now? 3 years from now? 5 years from now? Or are you going to just stay in the position you are already in? Even if you are the boss of the company, you still need to make career goals. You have to have something to reach for and work towards. Are you ready to level up? Or are you just going to stay where you are comfortable?

  3. Contribution: It’s time to give more. We give from our time, talent and treasure. Donate money, clothes or your time. You don’t have to be rich to give. Start giving away now. Bless someone with the extra that you have.

  4. Friends and family: What kind of relationship would you want to have with your friends and family? Would you like to see them on a more regular basis? Have a goal for what your ideal relationship with your friends and family looks like.

  5. Romance: Have goals for your romantic life. What do you and your partner want to work on? Where do you see your relationship in 3, 5,or 10 years. Write it down and work on it together. You also have to have goals for your romantic life even if you are single. What do you want from a relationship? Have a list of your manifested partner. What does this person look like? What are their attributes? What do you really desire? create this goal so you know who they are when you come across the person.

  6. Fun and recreation: Set out time in your schedule to have some fun and let your hair down. Make it a weekly goal to have some time to do something fun alone or with friends.

  7. Health and fitness: You have to have your physical health right. How many times a week are you going to the gym? How many times are you practicing yoga? Write it down. Put it on your calendar. Make time for it.

  8. Physical environment: Set a goal for your physical environment. This includes your house, your home, the people around you and whatever you see with your eyes. How would you like it to change? Would you like it to be bigger? Cleaner? In a different location? Write down your goal and make the necessary changes.

  9. Personal development in education: You need to ensure you are continuously pouring into your mind and perfecting your craft. It is important to invest in personal growth for you to expand and improve on your craft. You can do this by attending personal development seminars like Get High on Motivation Live. Get into a community of people who have similar goals in order for you to stay focused, to grow and flourish. In addition, read books. Invest in self education. Pour some new knowledge into your mind.

  10. Spiritual: It's important to have a spiritual goal and know how to get there. You can always level up to a higher realm. You can always ascend to a higher calling.


Food For Thought: Brought to you by Mimi’s Teabag.

“Serve all in truth, in compassion and in grace.”


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