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How to Heal Your Root Chakra 7 Easy Ways

 Online Event

Join the I AM Sacred Collective for one day FREE interactive, healing workshop. By the end of the workshop, you will:

  1. Be able to identify signs of an imbalanced or balanced root chakra.

  2. Have a better understanding about the chakra system and how it works.

  3. Learn how astrology is tied to the chakra system.

  4. Experience a live guided meditation.

  5. Be equipped and empowered to heal your root chakra multiple ways.



Goddess Brunch- Online Event

Online Event

Join your favorite motivator's favorite motivator, Mimi and her goddess friends for an online brunch. This event is a divine opportunity to connect with like-minded ladies for some love, laughs and libations. If you're a tired of fake news and gossip, this is the event for you. Grab your mimosa, wine or favorite libation and meet us online!


The Art & Science of Self-Healing

Online Event

The Art & Science of Healing is a 7-week, self-guided course taking you on a journey through the chakra system. By the end of this course you will be equipped and empowered to:

  • How the chakra system affects our daily life

  • The symptoms of a misaligned, under-active and over-active chakra

  • How to use 15 minutes or less a day to heal yourself

  • How to able to identify the mind-body-spirit blockages causing medical issues

Who is this course for? If you identify with one or more of the following:

  1. Tired of going to the doctor and not getting results

  2. Looking for to expand Spiritual practices

  3. Want a Mind-Body-Spirit detox

  4. Desire a higher level of success

  5. Holistic Practitioner needing a recharge 

  6. Feel like you are going through a Spiritual Awakening




Full Moon Experience Online

Calling all Spiritual Warriors, Lightworkers, and Healers! Join the I Am Sacred Collective to get connected, be empowered and healed. Experience a LIVE call where we quickly connect and reset our energy; Goddess Meya Mongkuo delivers a live astrology reading, following with a guided meditation; and conclude with an empowering message from Mimi the Motivator. Dial into this spiritual activation takes place on every Full Moon at 5:55pm Central Time /4:55 MT/6:55 ET. 

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